Stoneville Fresh Supermarket

5345 Richardson Rd, Stoneville, WA 6081

To order one of Stoneville Fresh’s famous produce boxes, just message us on Facebook which box you would like and we will pack it fresh and ready for pickup THURSDAY afternoon.

Boxes will consist of 16-20 product lines (10-12 veg and 6-8 fruit) varying depending on what is in season. Options are
A $70 family mixed fruit and veg box;
A $40 mixed couples box (both with similar items, just smaller quantities in the couples);
The fruit only box with 8-10 varieties of delicious fruit for $50;
The Veg only is (equal to the Veg in a family box) $35.

Orders need to be in by MIDDAY MONDAY, payments can be made instore or via EFT for online orders, pickup will be available from our Stoneville Store, or if you are further down the hill you can now collect from JB Butchers Glenforrest on Thursday afternoons also.

Stoneville Fresh Supermarket is the kind of local store we all grew up with in the hills, with old fashioned service and fresh produce delivered daily.


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