Raeburn Orchard

4 Raeburn Rd, Roleystone, WA 6111

Raeburn Orchards does not allow the picking of fruit within the orchard.

TICKETS available in the main shop. Only required for Orchard Walks:
Adult $5.00
Children under 12 is free

You can browse the main shop located inside the old packing shed for some fresh fruit or local produce, get a coffee or a bite to eat at Coffee @ The Shed or browse Raeburn Collective for some unique gifts and homewares.

Pets are always welcome. However animals are not allowed inside the main shop.

If you want to bring your pet into the orchard just let one of the staff know and you’ll be able to enter via a side gate.

Spring’s Blossoming Beauty
Spring in our orchards is a season of renewal and breathtaking beauty, as stone fruit trees burst into full blossom. From September to November, the orchards become a haven for photographers and nature lovers, captivated by the delicate blossoms and the promise of the fruit to come. Avocados also take center stage during this season, offering their creamy richness as a delightful contrast. Our team closely monitors each avocado variety and flowering tree, ensuring optimal conditions for both photography and harvest.

Stone Fruit Harvest
Embrace the bounty of summer and early autumn with our Stone Fruit Harvest. From November to April, our orchards come alive with vibrant hues and intoxicating aromas as peaches, nectarines, pluots, and apricots ripen to perfection. Our dedicated staff meticulously monitor each tree, ensuring every fruit is harvested at its peak maturity before moving to climate-controlled storage for packaging and sale.

Autumn’s Fiery Palette
Autumn transforms our orchards into a photographer’s paradise, awash in fiery reds and amber hues as persimmon trees put on their seasonal display. From March to May, pomegranates and persimmons are the stars, offering their unique flavors and textures. This season attracts a multitude of visitors and photographers, all eager to capture the stunning autumnal colors. Our team ensures each fruit is harvested at its peak ripeness, delivering the full richness of the season in every bite.


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